통일부 용어 정리 2
Date:[ 1/17/2022 ]
Korean English 
조선노동당 Worker's Party of Korea (WPK)
당대회 Party Congress
당대표자회 Conference of Party Representatives
당중앙위원회  Party Central Committee
당중앙검사위원회 Party Central Auditing Commission
당중앙군사위원회 Party Central Military Commission
정치국 Political Bureau
정무국 Executive Policy Bureau
검열위원회 Control Commission
도(직할시특별시) 당대표회 Municipal & Provincial Party Representatives
도(직할시특별시) 당위원회 Municipal & Provincial Party Committees
조직지도부 Organization & Guidance Department
선전선동부 Propaganda & Agitation Department
간부부 Cadres Department
경공업부 Light Industry Department
경제부 Economic Affairs Department
과학교육부 Science & Education Department
국제부 International Department
군사부 Military Department
군수공업부 Machine-Building Industry Department
근로단체부 Working Organization Department
농업부 Agriculture Department 
당역사연구소 Party History Institute 
문서정리실 Document Archive
민방위부 Civil Defense Department
신소실 Appeals Office
재정경리부 Finance Accounting Department
총무부 General Affairs Department
통일전선부 United Front Department
39호실 Office No 39
국무위원회 State Affairs Commission
국가체육지도위원회 State Physical Culture and Sports Guidance Commission
인민무력성 Ministry of People's Armed Forces
국가안전보위성 Ministry of State Security
인민보안성 Ministry of People's Security
내각 Cabinet
교육위원회 Education Commission
보통교육성 Ministry of General Education
고등교육성 Ministry of Higher Education
국가가격위원회 State Price Commission
국가검열위원회 State Inspection Commission
국가계획위원회 State Planning Commission
국가과학기술위원회 State Science and Technology Commission
국가품질감독위원회 National Quality Management Commission
수도건설위원회 Capital Construction Commission
조국평화통일위원회 Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country
건설건재공업성 Ministry of Construction and Building-Materials Industry
경공업성 Ministry of Light Industry
국가건설감독성 Ministry of State Construction Control
국가자원개발성 Ministry of State Natural Resources Development
국토환경보호성 Ministry of Land and Environment Protection
금속공업성 Ministry of Metallurgical Industry
기계공업성 Ministry of Machine-Building Industry
노동성 Ministry of Labor
농업성 Ministry of Agriculture
도시경영성 Ministry of Urban Management
대외경제성 Ministry of External Economic Relations
문화성 Ministry of Culture
보건성 Ministry of Public Health
상업성 Ministry of Commerce
석탄공업성 Ministry of Coal Industry
수매양정성 Ministry of Food Procurement and Administration
수산성 Ministry of Fisheries
식료일용공업성 Ministry of Food and Consumer Goods Industries
외무성 Foreign Ministry
원유공업성 Ministry of Oil Industry
원자력공업성 Ministry of Atomic Energy Industry
육해운성 Ministry of Land and Maritime Transport
임업성 Ministry of Forestry
재정성 Ministry of Finance 
전력공업성 Ministry of Electric Power Industry
전자공업성 Ministry of Electronics Industry
채취공업성 Ministry of Mining Industry
철도성 Ministry of Railways
체신성 Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
체육성 Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports
화학공업성 Ministry of Chemical Industry
내각사무국 Cabinet Secretariat 
중앙통계국 Central Bureau of Statistics
국가과학원 State Academy of Sciences
중앙은행 Central Bank
최고인민회의 Supreme People's Assembly
최고인민회의 상임위원회 Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly
예산위원회 Budget Committee
법제위원회 Legislation Committee
외교위원회 Foreign Affairs Committee
중앙재판소 Central Court
특별재판소 Special Courts
중앙검찰소 Central Public Prosecutors Office
특별검찰소 Special Public Prosecutors Offices
도(직할시특별시) 인민위원회 Municipal & Provincial People’s Committees
인명 (KCNA)
김정은 국무위원장 Kim Jong Un
chairman of the State Affairs Committee
리설주 여사 Ri Sol Ju
wife of Kim Jong Un
권혁봉 문화성 예술공연운영국 국장 Kwon Hyok Bong
department director of arts and performance bureau, Ministry of Culture
김강국 Kim Kang Guk
김명일 조국평화통일위원회 부장 Kim Myong Il
director of the 'Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country' 
김성혜  Kim Song Hye
김순호 관현악단 행정부단장 Kim Sun Ho
deputy director in charge of the orchestra's administrative tasks
김여정 조선노동당 중앙위원회 제1부부장 Kim Yo Jong
1st vice department director of the Central Committee of the WPK 
김영남 최고인민회의 상임위원회 위원장 Kim Yong Nam
president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly
김영철 노동당 중앙위원회 부위원장 Kim Yong Chol
vice-chairman of the Party Central Committee
김일국 체육상 Kim Il Guk
minister of Physical Culture and Sports
김창선 Kim Chang Son
리경식 민족올림픽조직위원회 위원 Ri Kyong Sik
member of National Olympic Committee of North Korea
리택건 Ri Thaek Gon
리선권 조국평화통일위원회 위원장 Ri Son Gwon
chairman of the 'Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country'
안정호 예술단 무대감독 An Jong Ho
stage manager of North Korea's arts group
원길우 체육성 부상 Won Kil U
vice minister of Physical Culture and Sports
윤범주 관현악단 지휘자 Yun Bom Ju
conductor of North Korea's orchestra
윤용복 체육성 부국장 Yun Yong Bok
vice department director of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports
윤철 조선장애자보호연맹 중앙위원회 장애자체육협회 부서기장 Yun Chol
vice-secretary of the Korean Sports Association for the Disabled, Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled
전종수 조국평화통일위원회 부위원장 Jon Jong Su
vice-chairman of the 'Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country'
정현 조선장애자보호연맹 중앙위원회 부위원장 Jong Hyon
vice-chairperson of the Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled
최휘 국가체육지도위원회 위원장 Choe Hwi
chairman of the National Sports Guidance Committee
현송월 삼지연 관현악단 단장 Hyon Song Wol
head of Samjiyon Orchestra
황충성 조국평화통일위원회 부장 Hwang Chung Song
director of the 'Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country'
직책 (KCNA)
위원장 chairman 
1부위원장 first vice-chairman
부위원장 vice-chairman
총리 premier
부총리 vice-premier
부상  vice minister
부장 department director
제1부부장 first vice department director
부부장 vice department director
국장 department director
부국장 vice department director
부서기장  vice-secretary 
위원  member
후보위원 alternate member
소장 director
로동신문 책임주필  editor-in-chief of Rodong Sinmun
최고인민회의 상임위원회 위원장  president, Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly
최고인민회의 상임위원회 부위원장 vice-president, Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly
최고인민회의 상임위원회 서기장  secretary general, Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly
최고인민회의 대의원 Deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly
평양직할시 Pyeongyang
나선특별시 Naseon
남포특별시 Nampo
강원도 Gangwon-do
양강도 Yanggang-do
자강도 Jagang-do
평안북도 Pyeonganbuk-do
평안남도 Pyeongannam-do
황해북도 Hwanghaebuk-do
황해남도 Hwanghaenam-do
함경북도 Hamgyeongbuk-do
함경남도 Hamgyeongnam-do
개성 Gaeseong
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