Date:[ 11/12/2020 ]
1) 기관명칭
명 칭 현 행 외 국 사 례 방안 1 방안 2
특별시 Metropolitan City New York City Seoul Metropolitan City  
광역시 Metropolitan City Atlanta City ○○ Metropolitan City   
Province/Do Province ○○-do(Province)  
City/Si City,  ○○-si(City)  
County/Gun County ○○-gun(County)  
자치구 District/Gu Borough/District ○○-gu(District)  
일반구 District/Gu Borough/District ○○-gu(District)  
Eup Town ○○-eup(Town)  
Myun Township ○○-myeon(Township)  
Dong   ○○-dong  
Tong   ○○-tong  
Ri   ○○-ri  
Ban   ○○-ban  
2) 기관장 명칭
명 칭 현 행 외 국 사 례 방안 1 방안 2
서울특별시장 Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City Mayor of New York Mayor of Seoul   
City Metropolitan City
특별시 행정부시장 Vice Mayor 1 (or 2) for Deputy Mayor Deputy Mayor for  
Administrative Affairs Administrative Affairs
특별시 정무부시장 Vice Mayor for Political Affairs Deputy Mayor Deputy Mayor for  
Political Affairs 
광역시장 Mayor of ○○ Metropolitan City Mayor of Atlanta Mayor of ○○   
Metropolitan City
광역시 행정부시장 Vice Mayor for Administrative   Deputy Mayor for  
Affairs Administrative Affairs
광역시 정무부시장 Vice Mayor for Political Affairs   Deputy Mayor for  
Political Affairs
도지사 Governor Governor Governor  
행정부지사 Vice Governor for Administrative Affairs Lieutenant Governor Lieutenant Governor for  
Administrative Affairs 
정무부지사 Vice Governor for Political Affairs Lieutenant Governor Lieutenant Governor for  
Political Affairs
시장 Mayor Mayor Mayor of ○○-si(City)  
부시장 Vice Mayor Deputy Mayor Deputy Mayor of ○○- si(City)  
군수 Head/Chief Councilor/Mayor Mayor of ○○-gun  
부군수 Vice County Chief   Deputy Mayor of ○○-gun  
구청장(자치구) Administrator/Head President of ○○  Mayor of ○○-gu(District)  
/Executive of District Off. Borough
부구청장(자치구) Chief/ Mayor   Deputy Mayor of ○○-gu   
구청장(일반구) Administrator/Head   Executive Officer of ○○-gu  
/Executive of District Off. (District)
부구청장(일반구) Chief/ Mayor   Deputy Executive Officer of   
○○-gu (District)
읍장 Eup Administration Town    Chief Officer of ○○-eup  
Leader/Eup Header 
면장 Myun Township Leader/   Chief Officer of ○○-myeon  
Myun Header
동장 Chief/Director    Chief Officer of ○○-dong   
통장 Head of Tong   Chief of ○-tong   
이장 Head of Ri   Chief of ○-ri   
반장 Head of Ban   Chief of ○-ban  
3) 직위명칭  
명 칭 현 행 외 국 사 례 방안 1 방안 2
실장 Deputy Minister/ Director Officer Executive Director  
/Head of Office
국장 Director General Director / Commissioner Director-General  
/General Manager
과장 Director/Section Chief Director Director  
담당관 Officer Officer Officer  
담당(계장) Chief/Clerk Chief Assistant Director/ Assistant Director of ○○   
/Assistant Director Deputy Director Division 
공보관 Public Information Officer Director of Public  Public Affairs Officer  
감사관 Audit & Inspection Officer Controller Controller  
기획담당관 Planning Officer   Planning Director   
예산담당관 Budget Planning Officer   Budget Director   
법무담당관 Legal Affairs Officer   Legal Affairs Officer  
정보화담당관 Public Information Officer Information Technology & I.T.(Information Technology)   
Telecommunication  Officer
4) 의회기구명칭  
명 칭 현 행 외 국 사 례 방안 1 방안 2
도의회 Provincial Council State Assembly, Do(Provincial) Council  
지방의회 Local Council Local Council Local Council  
서울특별시 의회 Seoul Metropolitan Council ○○ City Council Seoul Metropolitan Council  
광역시 의회 Metropolitan Council ○○ City Council ○○ Metropolitan Council  
시의회 City Council City Council ○○-si(City) Council  
군의회 County Council/  County Council ○○-gun(County) Council  
County Assembly
자치구의회 District Council Borough Council ○○-gu(District) Council  
상임위원회 Standing Committee Standing Committee Standing Committee  
내무위원회 Home Affairs Committee Governmental Affairs General Services Committee   
재무위원회 Finance Committee Finance Committee Finance Committee  
문교위원회 Culture & Education  Culture & Education  Culture & Education   
Committee Committee Committee
보사위원회 Health & Social Affairs Health & Social  Health & Social Affairs   
Committee Services Committee
보사환경위원회 Health & Environment Health Committee/ Health & Environment   
Committee Environment Committee Committee
산업위원회 Industry Committee Industry Committee Industry Committee  
건설위원회 Construction Committee Housing Committee Construction Committee Construction & Urban 
Planning Committee
농수산위원회 Agriculture & Fisheries  Agriculture & Consumer Affairs Committee  Agriculture & Fisheries  
Committee Committee
의회운영위원회 Steering Committee/ Steering Committee Steering Committee   
Administrative Committee
특별위원회 Special Committee Select Committee/ Select Committee on ○○ Special Committee
Special Committee
예산결산위원회 Special Committe on  Budget Committee/  Budget & Appropriations  
Budget & Account  Appropriation Committee Committee
일반행정특별 Special Committee on Finance & Executive  Select Committee on ○○  
위원회 General Administration Committee General Services
소위원회 Sub Committee Subcommittee Sub-committee on ○○   
의회사무처 Council Bureau/ Council Secretariat Council Secretariat  
Council Secretariat
의회사무국 Council Executive Office Secretariat to Council Council Secretariat  
의회사무과     Council Secretariat  
의장 Chairman/President Chairman of Council Chairperson/Chairman  
부의장 Vice Chairman Vice Chairman Vice Chairman  
상임위원회위원장 Standing Committee Chief Chairman of ○○ Chairman of Standing   
Committee Committee
특별위원회위원장 Special Committee Chief Chairman of ○○ Chairman of Select Committee  
위원회위원 A Member of Committee A Member of ○○  A Member of ○○ Committee  
사무처장 Secretary General   Secretary General  
사무국장 Chief Executive   Secretary General   
사무과장     Secretary  
전문위원 Committee Staff Policy Analyst Policy Analyst of ○○  
5) 부서명칭  
명 칭 현 행 외 국 사 례 방안 1 방안 2
기획관리실 Office of Planning &  Office of Planning Office of Planning &   
Coordination Coordination
자치행정국 Administrative Management  Administrative  Administrative Management  Management 
Bureau/Local Autonomy management  Bureau Bureau
Administration Bureau      
행정관리국 Administration & Finance  Finance & Executive Administrative Management  Management & 
Bureau Bureau/  Budget Bureau
문화관광국 Culture & Tourism Bureau  Tourism & Cultural  Tourism & Cultural Affairs  
Affairs Bureau
환경국 Environmental Affairs Bureau   Environmental Protection  Environmental 
Bureau Conservation 
환경녹지국 Environment & Greenery    Environment & Parks Bureau  
산업경제국 Economy & Industry Bureau Economic Development  Economic Development &  
Industry Bureau
경제통상국 Economy & Trade Bureau/ Interstate Cooperation Economic Affairs & Trade  
Economic Development & Trade  Interstate Commerce Bureau
건설교통국 Construction & Transportation  Traffic & Transportation Construction &   
Bureau /Building Department Transportation Bureau
건설도시국 Construction & Urban Affairs    Construction & Urban   
Bureau Affairs Bureau
농정국 Agriculture, Fisheries, & Forestry   Agriculture, Fisheries, &   
Bureau Forestry Bureau
농림수산국 Agriculture & Fisheries Bureau   Agriculture & Fisheries Bureau  
여성정책국 Women's Policy Bureau/ Women Bureau/ Women's Affairs Bureau Women Bureau
Women's Affairs Bureau Status of Woman 
복지여성국 Social Welfare & Woman Bureau   Welfare & Women Bureau  
보건복지국 Public Health & Welfare Bureau   Health & Welfare Bureau  
소방본부 Fire Headquarter/Fire Department Fire Department Fire Department Headquarters  
공보관실 Public Information Office Public Affairs Office Office of Public Affairs Office of Public 
감사관실 Audit & Inspection Office  Controller's Office Controller's Office  
기획관실 Office of Planning Office of Planning/ Planning Office  
Planning Department
국제협력실 International Cooperation Division International Affairs Office of International  
총무과 General Affairs Division Administrative  General Services Division Administrative
Operations Operations Division
인사과 Personnel Division Human Resources Human Resources Division  
주민자치과 Resident Autonomy Division/ Community Affairs Community Affairs Division  
Inhabitant Autonomy Division
자치행정과 Local Autonomy Administration Administrative  Administrative Management  
Division/Local Autonomy  Management Division
Assistance Division/    
Autonomous Administration    
(종합)민원실 Administrative Services Citizen Service Citizen Service Center  
회계과 Accounting Division Accounting Accounting Division  
세무행정과 Tax Administration Tax Appeals Tax Administration Division  
세무회계과 Revenue & Accounting Division Taxation & Finance Tax & Accounting Division  
환경정책과 Environmental Policy Division Environmental  Environmental Protection Environmental 
Conservation Division Conservation Division
사회복지과 Social Welfare Policy Division   Social Welfare Division  
복지정책과 Welfare Policy Division   Social Welfare Division  
보건위생과 Public Health & Sanitation  Sanitation  Health and Sanitation   
Division Department Division
여성복지과 Women's Services Division   Women's Affairs Division Women Division
체육청소년과 Sports & Youth Division Youth Empowerment  Recreation & Youth   
Services Empowerment Division
관광진흥과 Tourism Promotion Division Tourism Promotion Tourism Division  
문화예술과 Culture & Fine Arts Division/   Culture & Arts Division Cultural Affairs
Culture & Arts Division Division
농어업정책과 Agriculture & Fishery Policy    Agriculture and Fisheries   
Division Division
농산과 Agriculture Affairs Division   Agricultural Affairs Division  
유통특작과 Distribution & Special Crops   Special Crops Division   
축산과 Livestock Affairs Division Poultry & Animal Poultry & Animal Division Livestock Affairs
Division Division
산림과 Forestry Affairs Division Forest Service  Forest Service Division  
공원녹지과 Greenery & Park Division Parks and Recreation Parks Division  
조경과 Landscape Division   Landscape Architecture Division  
수질보전과 Water Quality Control  Water Resources Water Resources ivision Water Quality Control 
Division Division
환경기획과 Environmental Planning  Environment Environmental Affairs Division  
대기보전과 Air Quality Control Division Air Resources Air Resources Division Air Quality Control 
페기물관리과 Waste Treatment Division/   Waste Management Division  
Waste Management Division
경제정책과 Economy Policy Division   Economic Affairs Division  
기업지원과 Enterprise Support Division/ Business Relations Business Relations Division  
Business Support Division
도시계획과 Urban Planning Division City Planning City Planning Division  
치수과 Flood Management    Water Management Division  
수자원관리과     Water Resources Management  
도로교통과 Road Traffic Division Parking & Traffic  Traffic and Transportation  
Department/ Transportation Division
대중교통과 Public Transportation  Transportation Mass Transit Division  
건설행정과 Construction  Construction Department Construction Division  
Administration Division
건축과 Construction Division Architecture Department/ Construction Division  
Construction Department
주택과 Housing Division Housing Department Housing Division  
도시정비과 City Renewal Division Road & Street Maintenance City Renewal Division  
/Urban Management
지적과 Land Registration Division / Cadastre Division   Cadastre Division  
방재기획과 Disaster Prevention &  Emergency Management Emergency Management   
Planning Division Division
재난관리과 Disaster Management Division Emergency Management Emergency Management   
소방행정과 Fire Administration Division Fire Department Fire Division  
방호과 Fire-fighting & Rescue Division/ Fire Suppression Fire Suppression Division Fire-fighting & 
Fire Suppression & Rescue  Rescue Division
Division/ Fire Protection Division  
Protection & Relief Division  
예방과 Fire Prevention Division Fire Prevention Fire Prevention Division  
지방소방학교 Fire Academy Fire Training Academy Fire Training Academy  
소방서 Fire Station Fire Station Fire Station Fire Department
소방파출소 Fire Station   ○○ Fire Station  
구조대 Rescue and First Aid Team Rescue Team Rescue Team Relief Team
소방정대     Fire-fighting Fleet  
소방항공대 Fire Aviation Squad Fire Aviation Squad Fire Aviation Team  
출장소 Branch Office/Local Office   Branch Office  
출장소장 Director-General   Chief of Branch Office  
6) 소속기관
명 칭 현 행 외 국 사 례 방안 1 방안 2
지방공무원교육원 Training Institute of Local Government Officials/   ○○ Do(Province) Training  
Local Officials Training Institute Institute of Government
지방공무원 Director Director Director of ○○ Do(Province)  
교육원장 Training Institute of
  Government Officials
서무과 General Affairs Division   General Services Division  
교학과 Academic & Student Affairs   Academic Affairs Division  
교육운영과 Management Division/   Planning and Management  
Training Affairs Division Division
교육지원과 General Affairs Division   General Services Division  
공립대학   Public University Public University (or College)  
시립대학   City University City University (or College)  
도립대학 Provincial College   ○○ Do(Provincial) University  
(or College)
시립전문대학     City College  
도립전문대학 Provincial College   Do(Provincial) College  
농업기술원 Agricultural Research and Extension Services/Agriculture Technical Center   Agricultural Technology  
Research & Extension Services
농업기술원장 Director-General of Agricultural   Director of Agricultural Technology  
Research and Extension Services Research & Extension Services
시험연구국 Experiment Research Bureau   Technology & Testing Laboratory  
기술보급국 Expansion Service Bureau   Technology Extension Bureau  
연구개발부 Research & Development Division   Research & Development Bureau  
기술지원부 Technology Extension Division   Technological Assistance Bureau  
농업기술센터 Agricultural Technology Service    Agricultural Technology Service  
Center Center
농업기술센터 Director of Agricultural Technology    Director of Agricultural   
소장 Service Center Technology Service Center
사회지도과   Social Services Social Services Division  
농업진흥과 Agriculture Promotion Division   Agricultural Services Division  
기술보급과 Technology Transfer Division   Technology Extension Division  
기술개발과 Technology Development Division   Technology Development Division  
기술담당관     Technology Development Officer  
보건환경연구원 Health & Environment Research   Research Institute of Health   
Institute & Environment
보건환경연구원장 President of Health & Environment  Director Director of Research Institute of  President
Research Institute Health & Environment
보건연구부 Public Health Research Department   Health Research Division  
환경연구부 Environment Research Department   Environmental Research Division  
가축위생연구부 Veterinary Service Laboratory   Research Division for Poultry &   
Animal Sanitation
보건의료원 Public Health & Medical Care   ○○ Medical Center   
보건의료원장 Chief of Public Health & Medical   Director of ○○ Medical Center President
Care Center
보건소 Public Health Center   Community Health Service Center  
보건소장 Director of Public Health Center   Director of Health Service Center  
보건지소/ Branch of Public Health Center/   Health Service Center /  
보건진료소 Health Center/ ○○ Health Service Center
  Primary Health Care Post  
보건지소장/ Director, Branch of Public Health   Chief of ○○ Health Service  
보건진료소장 Center 
명 칭 방안 1 방안 2
가축위생연구부  Research Division for Poultry & Animal   
감사관  Controller  
감사관실 Controller's Office   
건설교통국 Construction & Transportation Bureau  
건설도시국 Construction & Urban Affairs Bureau   
건설위원회 Construction Committee  Construction & Urban Planning Committee
건설행정과 Construction Division   
건축과 Construction Division  
경제정책과  Economic Affairs Division   
경제통상국   Economic Affairs & Trade Bureau  
공립대학  Public University (or College)   
공보관  Public Affairs Officer   
공보관실  Office of Public Affairs Office of Public Relations 
공원녹지과  Parks Division  
과장    Director   
관광진흥과 Tourism Division   
광역시  ○○ Metropolitan City     
광역시장 Mayor of ○○ Metropolitan City   
광역시 의회  ○○ Metropolitan Council   
광역시 정무부시장  Deputy Mayor for Political Affairs  
광역시 행정부시장  Deputy Mayor for Administrative Affairs  
교육운영과 Planning and Management Division  
교육지원과 General Services Division   
교학과 Academic Affairs Division   
구조대 Rescue Team  Relief Team
구청장(자치구) Mayor of ○○-gu(District)   
구청장(일반구)  Executive Officer of ○○-gu(District)  
국장 Director-General   
국제협력실 Office of International Affairs   
군수 Mayor of ○○-gun(County)   
군의회 ○○-gun(County) Council   
기술개발과 Technology Development Division   
기술담당관 Technology Development Officer   
기술보급과 Technology Extension Division   
기술보급국 Technology Extension Bureau   
기술지원부 Technological Assistance Bureau   
기업지원과 Business Relations Division   
기획관리실 Office of Planning & Coordination   
기획관실 Planning Office  
기획담당관  Planning Director  
내무위원회 General Services Committee    
농림수산국 Agriculture & Fisheries Bureau   
농산과 Agricultural Affairs Division   
농수산위원회 Agriculture & Fisheries Committee  
농어업정책과 Agriculture and Fisheries Division   
농업기술센터 Agricultural Technology Service Center  
농업기술센터소장 Director of Agricultural Technology Service   
농업기술원 Agricultural Technology Research &   
Extension Services(?) 
농업기술원장 Director of Agricultural Technology   
Research & Extension Services(?) 
농업진흥과 Agricultural Services Division   
농정국 Agriculture, Fisheries, & Forestry Bureau  
담당(계장) Assistant Director of ○○ Division    
담당관 Officer   
대기보전과 Air Resources Division Air Quality Control Division
대중교통과  Mass Transit Division   
도  ○○-do(Province)   
도로교통과  Traffic and Transportation Division  
도립대학  ○○-do(Provincial) University (or   
도립전문대학  Do(Provincial) College   
도시계획과  City Planning Division   
도시정비과  City Renewal Division   
도의회  Do(Provincial) Council  
동장   Chief Officer of ○○-dong    
도지사  Governor   
동  ○○-dong   
리  ○○-ri   
면  ○○-myeon(Township)  
면장  Chief Officer of ○○-myeon   
문교위원회  Culture & Education Committee   
문화관광국  Tourism & Cultural Affairs Bureau   
문화예술과   Culture & Arts Division  Cultural Affairs Division
민원실  Citizen Service Center   
반  ○ ban   
반장  Chief of ○ ban   
방재기획과  Emergency Management Division   
방호과   Fire Suppression Division  Fire-fighting & Rescue Division
법무담당관  Legal Affairs Officer   
보건복지국  Health & Welfare Bureau   
보건소  Community Health Service Center   
보건소장  Director of Health Service Center   
보건연구부 Health Research Division   
보건위생과  Health and Sanitation Division   
보건의료원  ○○ Medical Center    
보건의료원장   Director of ○○ Medical Center  President
보건지소/ Branch Office of Community Health   
보건진료소  Service Center / 
  ○○ Health Service Center
보건지소장/ Chief of ○○ Health Service Center   
보건환경연구원  Research Institute of Health &   
보건환경연구원장  Director of Research Institute of Health &  President
보사위원회  Health & Social Affairs Committee   
보사환경위원회  Health & Environment Committee   
복지여성국  Welfare & Women Bureau   
복지정책과  Social Welfare Division   
부구청장(자치구)  Deputy Mayor of ○○-gu(District)  
부구청장(행정구)  Deputy Executive Officer of ○○-gu   
부군수  Deputy Mayor of ○○-gun(County)   
부시장  Deputy Mayor of ○○-si(City)   
부의장  Vice Chairman   
사무과장  Secretary   
사무국장  Secretary General    
사무처장  Secretary General   
사회복지과  Social Welfare Division   
사회지도과  Social Services Division   
산림과  Forest Service Division  
산업경제국   Economic Development & Industry Bureau  
산업위원회 Industry Committee   
상임위원회  Standing Committee   
상임위원회위원장  Chairman of Standing Committee   
서무과  General Services Division   
서울특별시 의회 Seoul Metropolitan Council   
서울특별시장  Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City   
세무행정과  Tax Administration Division   
세무회계과  Tax & Accounting Division   
소방본부  Fire Department Headquarters   
소방서  Fire Station  Fire Department
소방파출소  ○○ Fire Station   
소방정대  Fire-fighting Fleet   
소방항공대  Fire Aviation Team  
소방행정과  Fire Division   
소위원회  Sub-committee on ○○    
수자원관리과 Water Resources Management Division  
수질보전과  Water Resources Division  Water Quality Control Division
시  ○○-si(City)   
시립대학  City University (or College)   
시립전문대학  City College   
시의회  ○○-si(City) Council   
시장  Mayor of ○○-si(City)   
시험연구국  Technology & Testing Laboratory   
실장  Executive Director   
여성복지과   Women's Affairs Division Women Division
여성정책국  Women's Affairs Bureau  Women Bureau
연구개발부  Research & Development Bureau   
예방과  Fire Prevention Division   
예산결산위원회  Budget & Appropriations Committee  
예산담당관  Budget Director    
위원회위원  A Member of ○○ Committee   
유통특작과  Special Crops Division    
읍  ○○-eup(Town)   
읍장  Chief Officer of ○○-eup   
의장  Chairperson/Chairman   
의회사무과  Council Secretariat   
의회사무국  Council Secretariat   
의회사무처  Council Secretariat   
의회운영위원회  Steering Committee   
이장  Chief of ○-ri   
인사과  Human Resources Division   
일반구  ○○-gu(District)   
일반행정특별위원회  Select Committee on ○○ General Services  
자치구  ○○-gu(District)   
자치구의회  ○○-gu(District) Council   
자치행정과  Administrative Management Division   
자치행정국  Administrative Management Bureau  Management Bureau
재난관리과  Emergency Management Division   
재무위원회  Finance Committee   
전문위원  Policy Analyst of ○○ Committee   
정무부지사  Lieutenant Governor for Political Affairs  
정보화담당관  I.T.(Information Technology) Officer   
조경과  Landscape Architecture Division   
주민자치과  Community Affairs Division   
주택과  Housing Division   
지방공무원교육원  ○○ Do(Province) Training Institute of  
Government Officials 
지방공무원교육원장  Director of ○○ Do(Province) Training   
Institute of Government Officials 
지방소방학교  Fire Training Academy   
지방의회  Local Council   
지적과  Cadastre Division   
체육청소년과  Recreation & Youth Empowerment   
총무과  General Services Division  Administrative Operations Division
축산과  Poultry & Animal Division Livestock Affairs Division
출장소  Branch Office   
출장소장  Chief of Branch Office   
치수과  Water Management Division   
통  ○ tong   
통장  Chief of ○ tong   
특별시  Seoul Metropolitan City   
특별시 정무부시장 Deputy Mayor for Political Affairs    
특별시 행정부시장  Deputy Mayor for Administrative Affairs  
특별위원회  Select Committee  Special Committee
특별위원회위원장  Chairman of Select Committee   
페기물관리과  Waste Management Division   
행정관리국  Administrative Management Bureau/ Management & Budget Bureau
행정부지사  Lieutenant Governor for Administrative   
환경국  Environmental Protection Bureau   Environmental Conservation Bureau
환경기획과  Environmental Affairs Division   
환경녹지국  Environment & Parks Bureau   
환경연구부  Environmental Research Division   
환경정책과   Environmental Protection Division Environmental Conservation Division
회계과  Accounting Division   
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