Ʈ 100% 鲲 !
[simple]    3/24/2015

Ʈ 100% !


ڵ, ?


30 ʹ C ģ ģ ģ Ҹ ϴ. ģε, ӰԵ ñ⿡ ڸ ָ ߽ϴ. ׷ ý ϰ ϴ Դϴ. C ö ̰, ģ Ա⸸ ϴ ϴ ̶ Ʈ ϰ д ؿԽϴ.

׷.. ģ ģ ģ ڰ ִ ڶ ϴµ, ׷ Ʈ 100% δ Ѵٴ±.

ڵ鳢 ׷ ̰, ׷ ģ C ٶ ޾Ҵٰ մϴ. ׳డ ܼ ƴ϶ ڰ ִµ, ڴ ׷ٸ ѹ غ . ׷ C Ʈ 100% ٸ ڵ鿡 ϰ ִٳ׿.

Ʈ ַ ڰ , ν ٲ鼭 δϰų δϰų ڰ δϰų Ŀõ Ʈ ذϰ ִ ƿ. ׷ Ǭ ϴ ū ָӴ ʴµ. ڵ. ׳ฦ ϰų ̷ ׷ , ŭ ȿ ?




ڷμ ̷ մϴ.


1: ǵ, ȵǵ Ծ ϰ, ̿ Դ Դ . ɼ ͵ Ѵ.

2: Ŀ , Ư ù ΰ ݴ! ֻδ ù ΰ ǹϴ. ȵǸ ¥.

3: ٰ ƴϴ. ̶ ִ ô ϸ鼭 ȿ ְ, ̶ ó ¥ Ѵ. ָӴ °!!

4: ڴ. ϸ . Ű δٸ ڶ ̴. ׷ٰ ڰ δ ص ȴٴ ƴ, 󸶰 ġ Ǽ ϴ ̴.

5: ù ߴµ, ׳ ٰ ڽ ߴ. ż ̾, Ʈ ´. ڴ ڱ⸦ ϴ ̶ ϸ Ʊ ʴ. ׷.

ݸ鿡 ڵ ̷ մϴ.


1: ڿ Ƴ , ô. ٶ Ƽ ƴ϶ ڴ ڱ ؼ . װ ڰ Ѵٴ ̴ϱ.

2: ģ ֽ ٰ Ѵ. ٵ ȥϰ װ ٰ̾. ɷ , Ǵؼ ȵ .

3: ڰ δ㽺. 󿡴 ¥ ϱ.

ұ̶ . ġ ڶ ͸ ϴٴ ε. ֿ ƴϰ, ֽἭ ε, ȿ ־. ׳ ڴٴ Ȯ ϴ.

ϴ ̶ Ϳ ٴ δ ŵ. Ÿְ̹ , ʿ ȭϰ , ҿ ϰ! Ʈ !


Guys Paying for All Dating Expenses


What do you think about guys ready to pay for everything for dating?


Mr. C, early 30s, is not happy with the boyfriend of his girlfriends BFF.  These women, the best friends to each other, started dating guys at a similar time.  So, you know how it goes.  These BFFs talk to each other about every detail of their relationship.  Mr. C has a rule of his own in spending money – a frugal spender.  His girlfriend doesnt want to depend on man for all dating expenses.  So, they were going just fine, until

Until they heard about her friends boyfriend, who cant stand letting woman pay for anything. 


Now his girlfriend starts expecting more and more from Mr. C.  At least he feels that way.  It is understandable his girlfriend starts expecting him to open up his wallet more often, especially since those women share all info about their dates and dating.  Mr. C has something to say to those guys paying for 100% in dating cost. 


In our sentiment, men are usually the spender on dating.  However, time is changing, and more number of couples share the expenses or take turn paying for them.  Still, not a few men dont allow women to pay for anything.  Would they look great, I mean, when their chivalry spirit doesnt allow women to spend their money at all?


What do men say about bearing dating cost?  What do women say about it?


Man1: Whether she is the one meant to be or not, we need to eat fine food, and it is worth spending for.  Of course, if shes my girl, why not. 


Man 2: Of course it is worth spending for her after a relationship forms.  But I am totally against spending lavishly at the first dating.  I simply think it is inappropriate.  You may regret spending a fortune when the relationship hits a snag. 


Man3: You dont look great just because you got a fat wallet.  If you are only interested in hanging out with pretty girls, you may spend all you want.  But if you are considering a serious relationship, you need to show yourself the way you really are.  No pretense. 


Man 4: If you think she is the one, you are not really concerned with expenses.  If you still mind the expenses, it means you still are not sure about her.  By the way, I dont mean to say women should be saved from bearing the cost.  All I want to say is not to lose the big thing in life over small matters. 


Man5:  We went to see a concert on our first night out.  She noticed I spent a whole lot, and on our next date she treated me to an expensive restaurant.  It was quite refreshing experience for me.  I still date her, and pay for all dating expenses from that night on.  I dont feel sorry about it, since she is one considerate lady and she deserves it. 


Shall we hear what women say about it?


Woman 1: Ive met both: big spenders and frugal type.  I dont mean to be materialist, however I tend to lean toward spenders.  Your money goes to where your heart is.  


Woman 2: My friends husband used to be a generous spender while they were dating.  Once getting married, she got dumbfounded to learn that he was in debt for all those dating expenses.  You shouldnt judge mens financial status and all that just by his spending.


Woman 3: I feel burdened when man spends too much, as if to be obliged to spend the same.  There is no free lunch, you know.


Did someone say too much is as bad as too little?!  When you spend your hard-earned money, you shouldnt just throw it away.  Your plan to buy her favor with money stands a high chance of failure.

Any reasonable woman in her right mind would find a big spender rather a problem, not an inspiration.  Spending, even on dates, needs right timing and circumstances, dont you think?!


       ڸ Էϼ.