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[georgetown]    6/30/2015
Your letter threatens recovery of attorney’s fees and costs per code 285. Please be aware, however, that this statute provides for an award of attorney’s fees and costs to the “prevailing party”, including the employer when the action is shown to have been brought in bad faith. based on the foregoing facts and application of law, we intend to demonstrate that any action commenced by Mr.Kim is brought in bad faith. moreover, given the ample evidence of Mr Kim’s direct responsibility for monetary shortages at the store over a significant period of time, the likelihood of T-mobile wireless obtaining a net monetary recovery for purposes of the “prevailing party” determination is significant. As such, Mr. Kim is hereby put on notice that T-Mobile wireless will cross-complain against him to recover its losses for the shortages attributable to him and will correspondingly seek recovery of its attorney’s fees and costs as prevailing party.

[simple]  골자는 고소할때 (승소하면) 변호사 비용도 배상하라고 했는데 알고 있어야 하는것은 그법(code 285) 은 누구던지 승소 하는 편에서 배상을 요구할수있다. 그러니 우리는 김씨가 정말 진실에서 울어난 고소가 아니라는 (bad faith) 충분한 증거가 있다. 그러니 김씨가 승소하지 못할겅우 우리의 변호사 비용과 그동안 스토우에서 현금 모자란것,김씨 때문에 손실 본것 등 변호사 비용 을 보상받기위해 맡고소할것을 알려줍니다

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